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Certificate was giving among the winner of Extempore Speech on Climate & Environmental Conservation

Climate & Environmental Conservation

“One Day for the Nation” by NIRMOL BANGLADESH

“One Day for the Nation” was a Climate & Environment Conservation Program organized by Nirmol Bangladesh, a non-profit organization working towards socio-economic development in the country, at Rupnagar Government Secondary School on 22 May, 2023 from 11 AM to 1.30 PM. As this organization has other three sister organizations (NEC, NORI & NDC) the primary goals of this organization are to make students aware of issues such as social awareness, gender inequality, social security, patriotism, climate and environment conservation, cyber security science and research, and their own skill development.

In an interview before the event a student stated that “Climate change is the effect of deforestation, environmental pollution, greenhouse gasses, too much industrialization of western countries and so on. If these activities can be prevented and we become more conscious about deforestation and environmental pollution, climate change can be controlled.” However, they did not specify what actions they can take independently, where they can do them, or how. And how having the right information in this regard could benefit them by opening up new opportunities for the future, which is self-evident that despite having the explicit knowledge in this regard, they lack implicit knowledge.   

So, the motto of this particular event was introducing both explicit & implicit knowledge on climate change and environmental conservation of our country to the young generation, as they are the future of the nation.

This event was conducted in the auditorium of the school, and around 250 students from Grade 9 and 10 attended the program and actively participated in it. The chairman of the program was Roksana Goni, principal of Rupnagar Government Secondary School, and the chief guest was Md. Alamgir Hossain, president of Nirmol Bangladesh. The focuses of the program were Ocean Literacy for Climate Resilience, Climate Protection, Demotivating the use of plastic bags in seas and beaches, Environmental Pollution due to Unplanned Industrialization, and the present and upcoming consequences of the actions. The event also highlighted how anthropogenic activities can be controlled and prevented by taking proper initiatives, which enriched the procedural knowledge of the students in this regard.

The program was carried out with a series of activities, such as an introduction speech followed by a questionnaire session, a written quiz, a photo description session, and a competition, which was conducted by dividing the boys and girls into 3 teams per group (a total of 6 teams). And prizes (the book Trishnatur, published by Nirmol Bangladesh) were given to the winning team, the 1st runners-up, and the 2nd runners-up. A crest was presented to the principal of the school, and an appreciation card was given to a few students for cooperating and helping the volunteers of the organization throughout the event. The program came to an end with a closing and motivating speech by the president of Nirmol Bangladesh and the principal of the school.

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