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A day long awareness campaigned on ocean literacy

Ocean Literacy for Climate Resilience

A day long awareness campaign on ocean literacy in bangladesh

We have successfully concluded a day-long awareness campaign addressing climate change and coastal pollution mitigation, with the aim of promoting ocean literacy at Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, encompassing Laboni Point, Sughondha Beach, and Kolatoli Beach.

During this awareness campaign, we directly engaged with over 100 participants through interviews, comments, and suggestions. Additionally, our campaign attracted more than 10,000 tourists who visited our designated spots, capturing photographs and perusing our informational banners.

We anticipate that this campaign will serve as a catalyst for societal change, influencing not only our mindset and thoughts but also our behavior and attitudes towards these critical issues.

 This awareness program was executed as part of the “Ocean Literacy for Climate Resilience” project, generously supported by the Korean SHE Foundation. Nirmol Bangladesh – নির্মল বাংলাদেশ extends its sincere gratitude to the Korean SHE Foundation for their invaluable partnership in advancing our mission. South Korea has consistently been a reliable development partner across various sectors, and we express our profound appreciation for their continued support. We eagerly look forward to further collaboration with them in the near future, believing that our relationship will continue to strengthen.

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