Nirmol Bangladesh

Opening Ceremony of ISA-China JTRC 2023. Md. Alamgir Hossain had been participated as a nominated candidate from Nirmol Bangladesh.

Nirmol Bangladesh took part in the “ISA-China Joint Training and Research Center” organized international training

Nirmol Welfare Foundation of Bangladesh (Nirmol Bangladesh) participated in a training workshop organized by “ISA – China Joint Training and Research Center”. The training was focused on “Marine Science and Technology”, held from October 16 to 27, 2023, in the city of Qingdao, West Coast New Area, People’s Republic of China.

The International Seabed Authority (ISA) and China Joint Training and Research Centre (JTRC), with the aim of promoting capacity building and the transfer of knowledge and technology to developing states, designed the aforementioned training workshop for young scientists from various disciplines and nationalities such as: Bangladesh, Peru, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Fiji, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pope New Guinea, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia and China. The person in charge of representing Nirmol Bangladesh was Md. Alamgir Hossain, Executive Director and Founding President.

During the duration of the workshop, participants had the opportunity to attend theoretical lectures on topics related to the seabed, such as: mineral resources, environmental protection, biodiversity and seabed habitats, as well as the technologies and equipment used in the aforementioned areas. Similarly, they had the opportunity to participate in operational practices with underwater vehicles and simulators, visits to ocean-related institutions in Qingdao-China, and offshore operations aboard a research vessel.

The aforementioned workshop allowed to discuss and exchange experiences with the different participating institutions and organizers, which will contribute to the development of strategies for future geological research, strengthening the capacities of the professionals involved by adopting new techniques to provide reliable, timely and updated information for the benefit of our society and, therefore, the country.

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