Nirmol Bangladesh

About Us

Nirmol Bangladesh is your passionate environmental partner in Bangladesh. We empower communities, foster a culture of learning, and tackle pressing issues like climate change and ocean health. Through research, innovative solutions, and collaboration, we work towards a sustainable future where communities and ecosystems thrive together. Join us in safeguarding Bangladesh’s environment for generations to come!


Established Year : 17th September of 2027
Govt. Registration : 2022
Registered Authority : RJSC, Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh
Registration No : S-13946/2022
Head-Office : Dhaka, Bangladesh


To safeguard Bangladesh’s environment for a sustainable future through research, community engagement, and innovative solutions.


A thriving Bangladesh where communities and ecosystems flourish in harmony.


“Empowering People, Protecting the Planet.” – “স্বেচ্ছাসেবায় এগিয়ে আসুন, নির্মল বাংলাদেশ গড়ি”

How are bringing changes

At Nirmol Bangladesh, we believe that lasting positive change for the environment and communities in Bangladesh can be achieved through a multi-pronged approach. Here’s the core idea behind our work:

  • We conduct research on pressing environmental issues like climate change and ocean health.
  • We develop educational programs like “Ocean Literacy for Climate Resilience” to raise awareness and understanding.
  • We work alongside coastal communities to build their resilience and equip them with the skills and resources to manage their environment sustainably.
  • We empower women and youth as key changemakers within these communities.
  • We work collaboratively with local communities, government agencies, and other NGOs to create a strong network for environmental action.
  • We embrace innovative solutions and technologies to address environmental challenges effectively.
  • We translate our research and community experience into policy recommendations.
  • We advocate for policies that promote sustainable practices and environmental protection at the national level.

Our Core Values


Working together with communities, researchers, and organizations for impact.


Embracing new ideas and technologies for creative environmental solutions.


Equipping communities, particularly women and youth, with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive.


Ensuring environmental health and human well-being go hand-in-hand for a lasting positive impact.


Grounding our actions in research and data for effective solutions.


Promoting fairness and justice for all in environmental decision-making and access to resources.

Our Focus Areas

Climate Action (SDG-13)

  • We address the threats of climate change in Bangladesh through a two-fold approach:
    • Mitigation: We promote renewable energy sources like solar and wind power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also encourage sustainable practices like climate-smart agriculture and energy-efficient technologies.
    • Adaptation: We support coastal communities most vulnerable to climate change impacts like sea level rise and extreme weather events. This includes projects on building flood defenses, promoting salt-tolerant crops, and disaster preparedness training.
SDG-13, Nirmol Bangladesh, Climate Action
Life Below Water, SDG-14, Nirmol Bangladesh, Climate Change

Healthy Oceans (SDG-14)

  • We conduct vital research on the health of Bangladesh’s marine ecosystems, including coral reefs, mangroves, and fish populations.
  • We promote “Ocean Literacy” through educational programs that raise awareness about the importance of healthy oceans for our environment and economy.
  • We advocate for responsible fishing practices and marine pollution reduction to ensure the long-term sustainability of our ocean resources.

Thriving Coastal Communities

  • We work hand-in-hand with coastal communities to build resilience and improve their livelihoods in an environmentally sustainable way.
  • We offer training programs on sustainable fishing practices, eco-tourism development, and alternative income generation activities that reduce pressure on marine resources.
  • We empower women as key decision-makers within these communities, promoting their participation in environmental conservation efforts.
Climate Vulnerability
Sustainable Development Goals in Nirmol Bangladesh

Sustainable Development

  • We believe that environmental protection, social well-being, and economic development are interconnected.
  • We integrate these principles into all our projects, ensuring that they not only protect the environment but also create opportunities for local communities to thrive.
  • We work with local businesses to adopt sustainable practices and promote responsible tourism that benefits both communities and the environment.

Empowering Women & Youth

  • Women and youth are crucial agents of change for a sustainable future. We equip them with the knowledge, resources, and leadership skills they need to become environmental stewards.
  • We offer training programs on environmental issues, climate action, and sustainable livelihood options.
  • We support youth-led initiatives that promote environmental awareness and community engagement.
Women & Youth Empowering initiatives of Nirmol Bangladesh
Education and Livelihood Improvement initiative of Nirmol Bangladesh

Education & Livelihood Improvement

  • We believe education is fundamental to building a more sustainable future for Bangladesh.
  • We provide educational programs on environmental issues, climate change adaptation, and healthy ocean practices.
  • We offer skills training programs that enhance community capacity for sustainable livelihoods and environmental protection.
  • We encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in developing solutions for local environmental challenges.

On-going Programs

  • One Day for the Nation (environmental awareness campaign)
  • Ocean Literacy for Climate Resilience (educational program)
  • National Young Literacy Award (recognizing youth leadership in environmental action)

Upcoming Programs

High School Student Exchange Program of Nirmol Bangladesh
National Expedition Camp of Nirmol Bangladesh
Cross Network Platform for Bangladesh by Nirmol Bangladesh
  • High School Student Exchange Program (promoting cross-cultural understanding on environmental issues)
  • National Expedition Camp (outdoor education and leadership development)
  • Cross Network Platform (facilitating collaboration among environmental stakeholders)