Nirmol Bangladesh

Advisory Body

The Advisory Body of Nirmol Bangladesh is a group of experienced and accomplished individuals who provide guidance and support to the organization. The members of the Advisory Body come from a variety of backgrounds, including engineering, academia, environmentalism, and business. Their expertise and insights help Nirmol Bangladesh to develop and implement its programs and initiatives.
The Advisory Body meets regularly to discuss the organization’s progress and to provide feedback on its work. They also help to identify new opportunities for Nirmol Bangladesh to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities in Bangladesh.
The Advisory Body is a valuable asset to Nirmol Bangladesh. Their knowledge, experience, and commitment to the organization’s mission help to ensure that Nirmol Bangladesh is able to achieve its goals.

Formar Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology. 

Professor & Chairman
Department of Fisheries

Asst. Prof. & Dept. head, Marine Fisheries & Aquaculture,  BSMRMU

Mohammad Shahad Mahabub Chowdhury is an advisor of Nirmol Bangladesh. He is working as an environmental specialist at World Bank, in Bangladesh.

An environmental specialist at World Bank

Associate Professor, Dept. of English, BSMRMU

Research Officer, IBBBS, BSMRMU

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Oceanography, BSMRMU

Senior SCM Executive, Fakir apparels ltd

Foujia Nusrat, Advisor of Nirmol Bangladesh. She also work as an Executive Director of ECOSS.

Environment Safeguard Specialist, National individual Consultant, ADB

Md. Shofiul Alam is an advisor of Nirmol Bangladesh. He is an part lawyer for Company matters (Tax, Audit, VAT, etc). He is Executive Director of Amar Agro & Consumer Product.

Md. Shofiul Alam

Lawyer for Company matters (Tax, Audit, VAT, etc). Executive Director of Amar Agro & Consumer Product.

MD. Mostaqur Rahman

Instructor, Ocean Maritime Academy

Yunos Uddin Mamun, Advisor of Nirmol Bangladesh

Yunos Uddin Mamun

Central Library, BSMRMU