Nirmol Bangladesh

Campus Ambassador

A campus ambassador is a link between a university student and the Nirmol Bangladesh team. This is an experience like no other. The setting is extremely open where people support each other and succeed together. This is the experience we want to give and nurture. Don’t forget, you are not alone, but this is a team effort! Besides your fellow campus ambassadors, you will be guided and given help by Nirmol Bangladesh whenever you request it.

NB can provide practical experience in dealing with, communicating, and networking. It can also be a great addition to your resume and potentially lead to future job opportunities. We invite you to join our extended family and evolve your identity as NB fosters youth-led activities. It allows youth to come up with creative concepts, refine them, and implement them in a way that aids the community.

  • Must be an active and current student.
  • Should be a student of any medical college, university or any institution.
  • Students of 2nd year and 3rd year are encouraged to apply.
  • Every NB member should strictly practice the following guiding principle: must agree to abide by the organizational constitution, vision, mission, regulations, and all formal notices.
  • Any change in your affiliation, address, status, email, phone, or any necessary details must be reported to the NB authorities.

NB is looking for productive, passionate, strong-understanding, and responsible students to be able to manage their time effectively to balance their role as campus ambassadors with your academic workload. You should have excellent written and verbal communication skills and be able to effectively deal with our organization with other students.

Step 1: Applicants will be recruited by this program after evaluating the profile (If you are selected, you will get an email).

Step 2: Selected applicants have to face an interview.

Step 3: After the interview, if you are selected as a Campus Ambassador, you will get a confirmation email.

  1. Professional development such as communication, marketing, event planning, and leadership.
  2. Scope to enrich your resume.
  3. Experience letter and appreciation certificate after successfully fulfilling our work.
  4. Membership of ‘Trishnatur’ (An Annual Literature Publication).
  5. Opportunity to work on different purpose projects of NB.
  6. Can attend skill development workshops, seminars, and training.


Email: nirmol.bd.info@gmail.com; info@nirmol-bangladesh.org