Nirmol Bangladesh

Digital Content Competition-2022

Last Date of Submission: 26th March, 2022

👉 Category 01: Documentary
👉 Category 02: Digital Art

📢 Valid Submission Criteria:

👉 Documentary:

1. Your video must be of a minimum 1080px resolution and a maximum 4K resolution.
2. Recommended ratio is 1:1 or 4:5. The video must not exceed 3 minutes or 180 seconds.
3. Subtitle title can be included with the SRT file.
4. Video format must be of MP4 or MOV.
5. Name of the file must be with a number, name and video title (Example: 2_Md.Sowrav_Joy-Bangla-2022)
6. Your video must contain sounds or music or vocal.
7. At the top right corner, you must use Nirmol Bangladesh’s Logo. And at the left bottom corner, you must use your Name. These two must be on screen from start to end of your video.
8. At the end you must add your credentials where you have to mention the sources of your clips (if any), actors/actress names (if any), your team names (if any), and the publisher as Nirmol Bangladesh.
9. Any Copy Right issue will directly disqualify your documentary.

👉 Digital Art:

1. Your art must be of minimum 1080px resolution
2. The ratio can be of any artboard as per your creativity.
3. You can use any software like illustrator. The submitted image must be JPEG or JPG or PNG format.
4. The name of the file must be with a number, name and art title (Example: 2_Md.Sowrav_Joy-Bangla-2022)
5. The Art should contain your name or signature at any bottom corner and Nirmol Bangladesh’s Logo at the other bottom corner.
6. Any Copy Right issue will directly disqualify your art.

Registration Process:

Every candidate has to register to participate in the competition.  A participant can submit only one type (Documentary or Digital Content) by single registration. For both types, a maximum of 3 content will be allowed for the contest. 

If a candidate wants to submit both digital arts and documentary, she/he has to register for each category separately.

Registration Fee: 200 BDT Only

Payment Method:

***Payment should be made using bKash/Nagad/Rocket. 

Do  Payment on 01757-424035 (Send Money)

Digital Content Competition-2022

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