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In the late June of 2023, Nirmol Bangladesh organized a workshop session for the high school students to give insides of Climate Change, Environmental Impact and Socio-cultural impact due to climate change. The workshop specially focused on the impact of ocean pollution on our daily life and eventually on the climate change. The workshop secured 250 participant and it held at Gohira AJYMS Bohu Mukhi High School, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

High School Workshop, 2023

World Ocean Day Celebration 2023

Our “Ocean Literacy for Climate Resilience” team celebrate the world ocean day of 2023 in Chittagong Division jointly with the department of Oceanography of University of Chittagong. On the day, the OLCR team organized a seminar and a rally with the participation of the students and faculty members of the institution. Approximately 350 participants attended the seminar and rally jointly. Both of the seminar and rally focused on “Importance of the Ocean and its conservation”, where students and faculty shared their thoughts on ocean literacy and climate change mitigation.

In the early June, Nirmol Bangladesh had organized a seminar at Rupnagar Govt. Secondary High School, Dhaka, Bangladesh with the participation of the school’s teachers, students and staffs on the title of “Ocean Literacy for Climate Resilience – জলবায়ু সহনশীলতায় সমুদ্র সাক্ষরতা”. In this seminar two special speakers were invited to deliver motivational and awareness building presentation and speech before the participants. On this seminar 300 participants were attended and the seminar successfully concluded by the speech of the principal of the institution.

Seminar on Ocean Literacy for Climate Resilience, 2023

Post Cyclone Mocha Economic Damage Study, 2023

Bangladesh faced a tropical cyclone in May 2023 and it damaged the southern coastal districts, especially Cox’s Bazar. OLCR Team closely monitored the situation and immediately decided to visit the affected local area and provide possible technical support to the affected community so that they can recover in the earliest time. The OLCR team also collected demographic, socio-economic, and damage data of the local area for further analysis. During the program, the OLCR team covered three sub-districts of Cox’s Bazar where lives around 3 million people and among them all are climate vulnerable. To cover the whole area, 12 members team were deployed for 1 week in that area and meet multiple stakeholders including Local administrative, NGO’s, fisherman community, farmer, students, service holder and community leaders, etc.

In the middle of the May, Nirmol Bangladesh launched a training course under the project as a capacity building program. This course has been running since 23rd of May to till now. And it will be continued until August 2023. On this training course “Training Program on Building Research Career for Early Professionals and Students”, early career professional and graduate students are attended from multiple institutions and this course is a hybrid (both online and offline). We are hiring different resource persons from different institution based on their expertise and they are delivering their lectures and participants are going on continuous assessment.

Capacity building Training for the early career professionals and students, 2023

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