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World Environment Day - 2020

World Environment Day 2020: Now is the time to conserve biodiversity

If nature and environment survive, life and the world will survive. Much of nature and the environment are oceans and seas. Again, all the biodiversity on the surface of the earth depends on the sea in one way or another. So marine nature and environmental awareness is the only way to preserve the world’s greatest biodiversity. If we are not active in this, developed and influential countries are far ahead in their activities. The United Nations is active.

But how? We will talk about all this this evening


We wanted to launch a year-long “Tree Planting Program” on June 5th. And a comprehensive workshop on “Climate Change Adaptation Planning” was scheduled for April. But we had to close that workshop because of the global Corona epidemic. However, I wanted to start a “tree planting program” if possible.

But sadly, in this epidemic we have to postpone this program as well. Therefore, in order to fulfill our minimum duty in this revolution, we have taken up our online program to raise awareness and increase sea literacy. In order to cooperate with us in this work, our respected teacher and the leading personality of the sea literacy campaign in Bangladesh, Dr. Many thanks to Mohammad Moslem Uddin Munna Sir.

Sir’s “Blue Green Foundation, Bangladesh” and Nirmal Bangladesh will run a sea literacy campaign together from now on.

Happy World Environment Day-2020. Let’s make our favorite genre livable for the next generation.

About the Program

  1. Due to outbreak of COVID-19, we have to prepare our activity online.
  2. Our main purpose is to create environemnetal awareness.
  3. We are jointly working with other organizations and educational institution.
  4. We are engaging students so that they can also perticipate on environmental cleanness.