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World Ocean Day - 2020

World Ocean Day 2020: Innovation for a Stustainable Ocean


World Oceans Day provides an opportunity to honor, help protect, and conserve the ocean. This year, the Day will convene under the theme, ‘Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean’. Nirmol Bangladesh is going to organize an online program titled “Pollution-free Ocean for Next Generation” on the occasion of World Ocean Day. The online program is on the focus of increasing ocean awareness and creating ocean literacy. As Nirmol Bangladesh is working for creating ocean literacy, ocean awareness participating students from different grades (Class 01 to University Level). So, this event will lead our future program faster.
In this live session, our focus point will be on:
1. Ocean Pollution
2. Ocean Literacy
3. Pollution Management
4. Coast Zone Risk Management
5. Ocean Cleanness
Nirmol Bangladesh feels honored by Professor Dr. Mohammad Raknuzzaman for giving his kind permission to join with Nirmol Bangladesh.
Resources Person: Professor Dr. Mohammad Raknuzzaman
An Environment & Pollution Risk Management Expert
Professor, University of Dhaka
Post Doc; Ph. D. (DSc in Environment, YNU, Japan), Post-Graduation (SLER, YNU, Japan), MS (U Ghent, Belgium; U Bielefeld, Germany; University of Jaén, Spain; University of Évora, Portugal-Jointly), M.Sc. and B. Sc. Honors (DU)
Time: 3:00 PM
Date: 08 June 2020
Facebook Live on the Page of Nirmol Bangladesh

About the Program

  1. Due to outbreak of COVID-19, we have to prepare our activity online.
  2. Our main purpose is to create environemnetal awareness.
  3. We are jointly working with other organizations and educational institution.
  4. We are engaging students so that they can also perticipate on environmental cleanness.