Nirmol Bangladesh


Nirmol Bangladesh is formed as a welfare organization back in late 2017 to immediately help the distressed people form Myanmar and the massive flood affected in Bangladesh.

We encourage and promote youth who are passionate about a welfare and mutual cooperated world. Our interventions aim to achieve large scale, positive changes through economic and social programs that enable men and women to realize their potential. We are very much optimistic to create a global happy village through creation of employment, global volunteer, self-oriented and peace loving generation. We inspire creative minds to bring revolutionary ideas into reality. We train youth for developing their potential to the higher level.

Our vision is to develop individuals and nursing them to build their professional career and leadership skills to prepare them for the global challenge and build a welfare society through elimination of hunger, poverty, illiteracy, laziness, disease, slovenliness & war.

Nirmol Bangladesh-NB aims to unlock the potential of youth, give them opportunities to shine, recognize their talents and achievements and help them shape the future of the nation.

  • Respect: We treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • Learning: We challenge each other to strive for excellence and to continually learn.
  • Innovation: We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity and change
  • Discovery: Explore and bring to light new knowledge and ideas, and better ways of doing business
  • Creativity: Instill our work with imagination and innovation
  • Excellence: Deliver the highest-quality products and services in all endeavors
  • Diversity: Capitalize on the richness inherent in differences
  • Integrity: Carry out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability

Our first approach towards the sustainable development through empowerment of youth and backward village people. We believe the core of the problem is scarcity of right jobs for right people. Creation of youth opportunity for our young generation is our first priority

  • Education Enhancement (Free Class, Seminar, Workshop)
  • Employment (Giving Training, Motivation and Intern)
  • Poverty Elimination (Rural development, Women education)
  • Scientific Advancement(Science fair, Research, Scholarship)
  • Awareness (Arranging Seminar, Rally, Human Chain)
  • Cultural Enhancement (festival, Concert & Reality show)
  • Environment & Climate Change (Tree Plantation, Ocean Awareness, Environmental cleanness)
  • Disaster management (Warm cloths, Relief, Medical help)
  • Medical & Health Care (Free Medical treatment)
  • Agriculture & Famer (Free Training, Village Campaign)
  • Leadership & Skill develop (Training, Workshop, Practices)
  • Executive Body
  • Advisory Panel
  • District Director
  • Branch Manager
  • Campus Ambassador
  • General Member
  • Best Nirmol Bangladesh performer of the year
  • Nirmol Bangladesh Innovation Award
  • Best Nirmol Bangladesh Organizer of the year
  • Nirmol Bangladesh volunteer of the year
  • Nirmol Bangladesh Best Student of the year

Nirmol Bangladesh is always working for spreading its network through-out the country and try to be expend its activity soon in the international community. NB is working for spreading education in the African continent as they are deprived. Nirmol Bangladesh has more than 1500 members throughout the country with 9 district branches & 17 branches in different university campus. We hope NB will spread in a versatile field of social development to rapid change in our society.