Nirmol Bangladesh

Climate Change Adaptation Planning

Global Warming and Climate Change are become the most challenging issues and become crying need to formulate policy to face & adopt depending on social status for Bangladesh. Nirmol Bangladesh is going to organize this program to discuss on the climate issue as well as its impact on the society, economics as well as geopolitics. As the issue is not local or regional, so we need to combine effort from all sectors to face the crisis. Nirmol Bangladesh highly believes that student wing can play a massive role in climate adaptation. So, besides the other sector, we want more engagement of students from all over the country to face the global crisis and we should formulate a policy to adopt the challenge through an open dialogue.

Selection Process

1. 1st Stage: Online Registration | 10th March to 31st March
2. 2nd Stage: Preliminary Selection and Inform them for Final Registration. | 01st April
3. 3rd Stage: Final selection | 05th April