Nirmol Bangladesh

Nirmol Bangladesh presents the World Ocean Day Photography Contest - 2023

🌊📸 Attention all aspiring photographers! 📸🌊
🌍🌊 Nirmol Bangladesh – নির্মল বাংলাদেশ presents the World Ocean Day Photography Contest! 🌊🌍
📣 Calling all talented individuals with a passion for photography and a drive to make a difference! We are thrilled to announce the ‘Nirmol Bangladesh World Ocean Day Photography Contest!’ 📸🌊 Capture the essence of climate change and the environment through your lens and stand a chance to not only win exciting prizes but also secure a job as a photographer with Nirmol of Bangladesh! 🏆📷
🔆 Theme: “Preserving Our Oceans: Capture Ocean, Climate and Environment.”
🌟 We invite you to showcase the impact of climate change and environment-related issues on our oceans. Use your artistic eye to capture the urgent need for action and inspire others to join the cause. 🌍💙
🎁 Amazing Prizes Await: 🥇 Winner will get a Job opportunity as a photographer with Nirmol Bangladesh.
📆 Contest Dates: 📅 Photo Submissions Open: Now!
⏳ Submission Deadline: June 7th, 2023
📢 Winner Announce: June 8th, 2023!
📝 How to Enter:

1. Like and follow our page to stay updated on the contest.

2. Capture a powerful photograph that highlights the Ocean, Climate and Environment.

3. Write a compelling caption describing the story behind your photo.

4. Share your photo on your Facebook timeline, tagging Nirmol Welfare Foundation Bangladesh and using the hashtag #NirmolOceanDayPhotoContest #NirmolOceanDay #NirmolBangladesh

5. Submit your entry by filling out the contest entry form given below or click here.

🌊 Spread the Word:
Tag your friends who have a passion for photography and a desire to make a positive impact on our environment. Let’s come together to raise awareness about the importance of ocean preservation and climate action. 💙
🌍📸 Join us in celebrating World Ocean Day through the art of photography and secure a chance to work with Nirmol Bangladesh! 📸🌊
Note: Participation in this contest is free of charge. By submitting your photograph, you grant Nirmol Bangladesh permission to use your work for promotional purposes.